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Audiology in Hermitage, Pennyslvania

Choosing an audiologist or hearing professional is a very important decision and our goal is to provide the best solution for our patient’s individual needs.  Our services include:  Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations, Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting, Tinnitus Evalutation & Management, Hearing Aid Repairs, Cerumen Removal, Battery Sales, Musisican Ear Plugs & Monitors and more.

There are many symptoms to look for when someone is suffering from hearing loss. These symptoms include saying “what” or “huh”, increased difficulty from distances, trouble hearing on the telephone, and trouble hearing in noisy environments, groups or crowds.

A few common statements from someone suffering from hearing loss would include:

“I can hear but not understand”

“If people wouldn’t mumble I could hear them”

“That person speaks very monotone”

“If you look at me and speak to me I can hear you”

“My hearing is fine. Young people just don’t know how to talk anymore” 

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